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49 Percent Evil
By Lynne Milum
Copyright © 2004 by Lynne Milum. All rights reserved.

There is much talk these days about "Evil Empires" and a "Global War on Terror." But the true battlefield against evil remains in the hearts and minds of each man, woman and child on this planet. Each one of us is 49% evil, where small events in our lives may propel our ego into "evil" domination. At this point, "self-" interest supercedes any love we hold for others – our superiority stands alone and central to the universe. For what ill of society has not been propagated by selfishness – from late night robberies, rape and murder to the continuing spread of AIDS (I don't like condoms and I don't care) to wars based on acquisition of land, resources and assertion of superiority. (That superiority may be expressed as a basis of race or birthright or even as a tyrannical assertion to spread a way of life.)

So restrict use of the term "Evil" to the metaphysical realm – because here on earth, Evil is the individual perspective of who maims and kills your sons and daughters, destroys your possessions, and threatens your safety and self-respect. Each one of us faces the daily challenge to keep our egos from prevailing at great cost. And it is that evil perspective of others that can be our own downfall. Don’t ever let that 1% win – therein lies the hope of humanity.



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