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[Home] really is seeking your favorite examples of the Hero's Journey!

Many High School teachers and University professors have referenced this site for the Monomyth article. This recognition is greatly appreciated.  As a result, many people have  applied the hero cycle to cultural analyses.

After many years of e-mail forwarding issues, and architecture issues limiting updates, we are now able to accept sumissions from you.  If you have done some thinking in this area, and would like to share your ideas, please consider submitting an article to this site.

Once you start thinking about the hero's journey... you may find application to your favorite trilogy, story, original artwork...just start searching and applying the possibilities!

Then, develop your submissions in any of the following formats:

1) "Hero's Journey" - Analysis of books, songs, movies, video games, artwork - anywhere you see the pattern and provide an explanation how the example meets the steps in Joseph Campbell's description of the Monomyth.

2) Original Examples - Develop your own stories, poems or art.

3) Personal Essays -
describe your thoughts on how the Hero's Cycle applies to your own life.

The inten is to become a learning-through-action site to help individuals discover the heroic world that is ours to create.

Please provide your submissions to



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